Proposition E: Downtown Parking Garage

4-story parking garage photo

$20 Million

How will Proposition E appear on the ballot?


What’s included in Proposition E?

  • Parking Garage in Downtown Frisco

Downtown Parking Garage

  • 4 level garage to serve parking needs of the Rail District and Historic Downtown
  • Proposed 390 parking spaces
  • Proposed site location is parking lot behind old Municipal Courts location

Why should I vote for Proposition E?

Increases economic activity: Providing ample parking options can attract more visitors to the downtown area, leading to increased economic activity for local businesses. By investing in a parking garage, you can help promote the growth and vitality of the downtown area.

Reduces traffic congestion: A parking garage can help reduce traffic congestion by providing a centralized location for parking. This can help reduce the amount of time drivers spend circling the block looking for a parking spot, which can help reduce traffic and air pollution.

Enhances safety: A parking garage can offer a safer parking experience for drivers and their vehicles. A well-lit and secure parking garage can help reduce the risk of car theft, vandalism, and other safety issues.

Improves accessibility: A parking garage can provide convenient and accessible parking options for people with disabilities.

Increases property values: A well-maintained and attractive parking garage can also help increase the value of nearby properties. By investing in a parking garage, you can help improve the overall desirability of the downtown area, leading to increased property values.

Promotes downtown revitalization: By investing in a parking garage, you can help promote the revitalization of the downtown area. This can lead to a more vibrant and lively community, which can attract more visitors, residents, and businesses to the area.

Bond Propositions

Proposition C: City Facilities

Proposition C: City Facilities

The issuance of $39 million tax bonds for a parks operation center/building maintenance facility and a logistics equipment and storage building