Election Day

Election day is Saturday, May 6, 2023.

All polling locations are open from 7am to 7pm.

In order to vote in all Texas Elections, voters are required to present an approved form of photo identification (current or expired no more than 4 years) or fill out a Reasonable Impediment Declaration accompanied by one form of identification listed below:

  • Valid voter registration certificate
  • Certified birth certificate (must be an original)
  • Copy of or original current utility bill
  • Copy of or original bank statement
  • Copy of or original government check
  • Copy of or original paycheck
  • Copy of or original government document with your name and an address (original required if it contains a photograph)

Visit Vote Texas for more information on Voter ID.

Collin County Polling Locations

Voters in Collin County may vote at any Collin County polling location during early voting or on election day regardless of your precinct of residence.

Collin College, Frisco Campus
9700 Wade Blvd.

Frisco Fire Station 8
14700 Rolater Rd.

Frisco Fire Station 5
14300 Eldorado Pkwy.

The Grove at Frisco Commons
8300 McKinney Rd.

Denton County Polling Locations

Voters in Denton County may vote at any Denton County polling location during early voting ONLY. On election day, you MUST vote at your assigned polling location.

Find Your Precinct

Precincts: 1021, 1022, 1024, 2081, 2082
Frisco Fire Station 4
4485 Cotton Gin Rd.

Precincts: 1025, 1026, 1032
Frisco Fire Station 7
330 W. Stonebrook Pkwy.

Precincts: 1018, 1019, 1020, 1033, 1036, 1037, 1039, 1040
Frisco Fire Station 6
3535 Eldorado Pkwy.

Precincts: 1023, 2080, 2083, 2089
Denton County Government Building
5533 FM 423

Bond Propositions

Proposition C: City Facilities

Proposition C: City Facilities

The issuance of $39 million tax bonds for a parks operation center/building maintenance facility and a logistics equipment and storage building