Proposition D: Parks & Trails

aerial view of baseball fields

$43 Million

How will Proposition D appear on the ballot?


What’s included in Proposition D?

  • New Hike & Bike Trails and Neighborhood Parks

Why should I vote for Proposition D?

Promotes physical activity: By supporting the development of hike and bike trails and parks, you can encourage a healthy and active lifestyle for yourself and the community. These spaces offer opportunities for walking, running, cycling, and other physical activities.

Provides a safe and accessible space: Trails and parks provide a safe and accessible space for people to enjoy outdoor activities. They offer a place to gather, relax, and have fun, which is especially important for people who may not otherwise have access to adequate outdoor spaces.

Improves the environment: Trails and parks can help protect natural areas and provide a habitat for wildlife. Additionally, they can also help reduce pollution and improve air quality, making your community a more enjoyable place to live.

Enhances property values: Having access to quality parks and trails can increase the value of nearby properties. By investing in these spaces, you can help improve the overall desirability of your community and increase property values.

Boosts local economy: Parks and trails can attract visitors and promote local tourism, leading to increased economic activity. Additionally, they can also provide job opportunities and support local businesses.

Encourages community engagement: Parks and trails can help build a sense of community by providing a shared space for people to come together and engage in a variety of activities. This can help promote social cohesion and foster community spirit.

Improves mental health: Spending time in nature and engaging in physical activity has been shown to have positive effects on mental health. By supporting the development of hike and bike trails and parks, you can help improve the mental well-being of yourself and others in your community.

Bond Propositions

Proposition C: City Facilities

Proposition C: City Facilities

The issuance of $39 million tax bonds for a parks operation center/building maintenance facility and a logistics equipment and storage building