Proposition A: Police & Fire

frisco texas fire station

$131.4 Million

How will Proposition A appear on the ballot?


What’s included in Proposition A?

  • Addition of New Fire Station 11
  • New Fire Equipment
  • New Fire Department Fleet Services & Maintenance Building
  • Remodel of Fire station 4
  • Replacement of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
  • Addition of A Parking Garage at Police Headquarters
  • Software & Infrastructure Improvements at Police Headquarters
  • Improvements to The Public Safety Training Center, including a Police Simulation Center and Firing Range

Fire Station 11

  • Proposed location is Lebanon Road and Hunters Creek
  • Part of FFD’s planned expansion in response to community growth
  • Calls in this area are currently handled by crews at Fire Stations 3, 4 and 7

Equipment & Apparatus

  • Vehicles to replace with proposed bond package: 2 Squads, 4 Engines, 8 Medics, 1 Truck, and 1 Hazmat.
  • Self-contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) – Replace 60 SCBAs purchased in 2014.

Fire Station 4 Remodel

  • Dormitory updates
  • Add personal protective equipment room
  • Remodel bathrooms
  • Enclose workout area
  • Add storm shelter
  • Remodel training room
  • Update bay doors

Fire Department Fleet Services Building

  • Proposed site at Public Safety Training Center
  • Facility would be 15,000 – 18,000 sq ft
  • 100 ft double bays capable of handling Fire Department apparatus

Police Department HQ Improvements

  • New Parking Garage and Lot
    • Location in north field of current HQ
    • Solves current and future parking needs
    • 4-level parking garage with 375 spaces
    • Additional surface parking of 285 spaces
  • Upgrades to software and technology infrastructure used by first responders.

Public Safety Training Center Additions

  • FD Fleet Services Building
  • Police Simulation Center
  • Firing Range

Why should I vote for Proposition A?

Improve the safety of your community: Bond propositions for public safety can provide funding for a variety of initiatives, such as upgrading or building new police and fire stations, improving emergency response services, and increasing community policing efforts. These measures can help reduce crime rates and improve the overall safety of your community.

Ensure first responders have the resources they need: Adequate funding can help ensure that police officers and firefighters have the necessary equipment, training, and support to do their jobs effectively. This can help improve response times and save lives in emergency situations.

Protect property values: Safe communities are more attractive to homebuyers and can help maintain or increase property values. Investing in public safety can also attract businesses and new residents to the area.

Promote community engagement: Bond propositions for public safety can involve community input and engagement, which can help foster a sense of ownership and investment in the safety and well-being of the community.

Support local jobs: Bond-funded public safety initiatives can create jobs in your community, from construction and maintenance to administrative and support positions.

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